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In this digital era, the first point of contact with your company is the website. As we are a company which has seen the growth of internet through the years, we know exactly what is needed to build the e-offices, aka, websites. Website building includes domain booking, hosting, design and development of the website. We start thinking about the brand building once we get inputs from you. We can come with catchy brand names too! Yes, we have named some businesses with a strong rationale behind it. Each and every logo is created with an underlying justification behind the same. From the colors that are used, to the font of the text, have clear justifications in accordance with the business. We have created various logos and each one has a logical reasoning behind it.

With great branding comes great responsibility – to market the brand. We have extended our tentacles in the digital marketing space as well. From search engine marketing to social media marketing, we have enhanced our gamut of offerings.


What we do

Our service portfolio is pretty expansive and covers your whole web service needs pyramid – right from green-field website development for emerging businesses to comprehensive Content Management Services, from web portals where you can promote and sell your products to applications that let you leverage the powers of social media networks like Facebook . Also we offer all kinds of web development and design services and ensure quality and timeliness in all our deliveries. Scale your businesses up and tap the potential of the web with our experience teams serving you.

Feel the impact with Edel Works

Web designing and SEO aimed campaigns can’t work with the run of the mill. At Edel Works, we know the markets and believe in lively concepts that match the pace of the online world. Expect us to beat your expectations and we’ll do just that. We collaborate with our clients, and deliver results around the clock. We’ll customize our service packages for your business needs, bring in the power of knowledge and leverage the latest tools and techniques to keep you ahead of the game.

Our Process

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